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Wheel Reconditioning

Do your wheels have bent rims or cracked spokes? Are they lacking shine and turning heads the other way with dirt and grime? Have you hit a curb? Is the finish peeling? Is the surface cracked or bent? If any of these apply to you, you need wheel reconditioning form Tire and Wheel Connection.

Use our wheel repair and refurbishing service, a cost effective alternative to buying new wheels. If you’re a driver in Houston, TX ,Hondo, TX, Tomball, TX, and the surrounding areas with damaged wheels, come see us.We can recondition your wheels in as little as 24 hours.

Can my wheels be repaired?

If you own aluminum wheels or rims, we are able to repair scrapes, discoloration, bends, and cracks. As long as your wheel isn’t completely wrecked, our staff of wheel professionals will be able to repair it. Most wheels with average to moderate damage can be repaired.

Is it safe to drive on repaired wheels?

Yes. Correctly repaired wheels will provide you with miles and miles of safe use. Make sure you choose a wheel repair professional with a rigid repair process. Are the wheels inspected before being straightened and repaired? Our wheel repair services yield high quality structurally sound and safe wheels.

When should I repair or refurbish my wheel?

When you hit a pothole hard enough to bend your wheel’s rim or notice scratches and cracks on your wheel, contact us for our wheel repair and refurbishing service.

How expensive is it to repair or refurbish my wheel?

In general, it is more cost effective to repair or refurbish a wheel than it is to purchase a new one. Exceptions may apply if the wheel is severely damaged but still repairable. Generally, wheel repair ends up being the fraction of the cost of buying brand new wheels.

Before beginning the wheel repair process, ask our team for an estimate on repairing or refurbishing your wheel.

Benefits of Wheel Conditioning in Houston, TX

Wheel reconditioning offers many benefits over replacing your wheels entirely, benefits like:

  • More cost-effective than wheel replacement
  • Adds value to your vehicle
  • Breathes new life back into your favorite wheels

What can refurbishing do for my wheels?

Refurbishing your wheels will make them clean again. If your wheel has grime, scratches, or rust, a refurbishment service can help make your wheel smooth and virtually spotless.

How can I repair or refurbish my wheels?

Home repairs will rarely meet the original equipment standards of wheels repaired and refurbished with high quality equipment by professionals who have worked with wheels for years. We always recommend you real professionals repair and refurbish your wheels.

Why should I use Tire and Wheel Connection for wheel repair and refurbishing?

At Tire and Wheel Connection, we have access to the right tools to restore bent rims and remove rough scratches so you can drive safely on the road again without breaking your wallet.

When you have a wheel that needs to be cleaned or refurbished, contact us to describe your wheel’s current condition. We’re happy to help and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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About Tire & Wheel Connection

Drivers in Houston, Tomball, Hondo, TX, and the surrounding areas have stood by our 25 year reputation for providing the best in tires, tire repairs, and custom wheels. With 2 locations in Texas, Tire & Wheel Connection offers convenient hours for our customers in Tomball, Hondo and Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide selection of tires from the best brands in the industry. Our selection of custom wheels will make any vehicle stand out from the rest. Take this opportunity to browse Tire and Wheel Connection website or call any of our stores for personalized service.


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